Many of our customers utilise D-Fence services in their marketing communications as well as increasingly in risk management and continuity plans or for example in ITIL documentation. The following paragraphs can be directly copied and pasted to the required documents.

Securing email communications

Our email communications have been secured with the ISO 9001 certified D-Fence eSec (Email Security) service. The service production environment is divided into two separate engine rooms that are behind networks by different service providers to ensure maximal SLA. The servers are protected from DoS and D-DoS type attacks.

D-Fence enables the use of TLS encryption in email traffic, which prevents external access that could endanger the confidentiality and privacy of our email communications.

The service also eliminates potential information security exceptions caused by end user errors, such as different kinds of breaches and other phishing attempts through email communications.

The goal of the D-Fence eSec service is also to produce a high “VAHTI” – a level of information security defined in the instructions that prevents the creation of any exceptions.

The level of information security is monitored continuously and regular reports are sent to enable improved risk and information security management.


If you are applying for ISO 27001 or other information security standard certification, you can contact us for any additional documentation required or if you have any questions on the subject please call. + 358 40 848 1245.

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