Order the service with the web form in http://www.d-fence.eu/Trial_Order. If you give the customer the free trial, remember to set the ”sales rep’s” email address to receive the monthly security report. This helps to remember to close the customer. In free trials also remember to tell the monthly payment immediately, it speeds up the decision-making process of the customer. Please insert the monthly total price to the form.

D-Fence GlobeSec service desk insert the customer to the system. You’ll see it in your PartnerAdmin panel.

If the customer has own email server, the firewall needs to set up to allow SMTP from D-Fence IP: s.
We’ll notify you for you to relay the customer DNS ISP, that the MX change can be made.
(after tested, that the server answers).

When the service is totally connected (within 24 – 72 h after mx change), we’ll send to you email notification of service connection. Customer is also added to either 15 or 30 day invoicing group, which is the same as the date of the monthly security report.


After the free 30 day trial period you and the client have one month to negotiate and in the end of this time, the client either

a) ends up to be a customer and receive invoice
b) ends up to be “no customer” and D-Fence service is disabled >> Deactivation Process »

Option a) please notify us by email to info (a) d-fence.eu that the customer will continue. Please notify the group, 15 or 30 day invoicing group.

Option b) the services are thus disconnected from the test runs, and we thank the customer. In the end of the second month of the use of services the customer has to be invoiced. This way we cut the fly of the free riders.

Future changes in invoicing

All invoicing changes must be made so that they can be reconstructed. All changes with email to our GlobeSec service desk info ( a) d-fence.eu.

Changes made thru PartnerAdmin panel do not log in to the accounting data. Thus, for example the number of mailboxes (ie, the basis of charging) change should always be reported by email.