Accepted IP’s and general information pack:

Source networks (IPv6):

Source networks (IPv4):

Or source networks:
net netmask



1. Do not leave any other IP’s since they may cause a by-pass route to the email server.

2. In some cases the same set up (D-Fence IP’s) have to set to the target email server.

3. SPF checking must be disabled from client’s own servers due to the fact that all mail traffick is routed via D-Fence security clusters. If left on, SPF may miss-intrerpret all messages as from ”wrong sender”.

If SPF – checking cannot be turned off, D-Fence servers must be configured as trusted senders without SPF – checking.

Source = Source address from the Internet
Destination = Destination address (client-owned)
Protocol = TCP/UDP/ICMP/IP
Service = exact/ANY (preferably a port number)
Action = function (usually accept)