All email transmissions should always be configured as determined by the standards, regardless of the nature of the transmissions used. This applies both to web-forms, and copiers / scanners from which data is transferred via email.

2015-2016 increased use of external email service platforms often allows the user to use any ”sending address”.

The concept may lead to the same kind of mechanism that are used by criminals nowadays leading to rejection of such messages.

Correct settings plays the major role when recognizing spammers and criminals from the real users

These external email platforms may also be used to email marketing leading to crashed sender reputation and rejection of all emails.

Here some of the check points:

  • Does the sending domain exist? Are there MX record and name for the server in the DNS?
  • Does the sending server’s IP and DNS name correlate?
  • Is the reverse record defined and is it correct?
  • Does the sending address really excist on the sending server?
  • Is it configured correctly? (like any other email address)
  • If the question is about external email platform, is it used for email marketing also? This may lead to total block of the sender regardles of the address set up.
  • If it is a Xerox scanner, it contains a bug in the sending header, please contact D-Fence support info (a)