MX record:

All SMTP (email traffic) is directed in internet via MX records. Now clients MX:s are directed straight to the receiving email server (where the email boxes are).

When connecting D-Fence services the following happens:

  • All MX records are changed to direct D-Fence server cluster
  • All email traffic will use these MX:s when updated to servers around the world
  • All email arrives first to D-Fence servers and after that only clean email arrives to the receiving server

Benefit of the ISP:

  • Strongly reduces the loads of the receiving server from domains with D-Fence Protection Service
  • Make the ISP’s hardware to work longer
  • Improves the service level of the ISP
  • Note: All clients stay with the current ISP!!
  • With D-Fence Services the ISP’s client are even more connected to their ISP

Benefit of the client:

  • Secures client’s email: protects from junkmail & viruses and secure’s the OK mail
  • Creates instant cost savings to the ISP:s client
  • Secures clients vital email use

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