A customer contacts and tells that ”the email is not working” or similar.

In these error and failure situations follow the procedure below:

  1. Send a test mail to the destination company and if the mail was delivered and
    1. no failure notifications arrive, the mail is either queued at D-Fence or remains for some reason in the destination mail server without delivery to the inbox. If the mail remains queued at D-Fence, the destination mail server does not allow delivery of the mail or there is no connection to it. Check the functioning of the destination mail server and then contact D-Fence.
    2. if a failure notification arrives, it tells in which server and which type of error has occurred and thereby it can be corrected.
  2. Ask D-Fence to check/check yourself through your own management interface, if the mx are directed to D-Fence and if the destination mail server is the correct one. Mail is directed on the basis of the server DNS name, not the IP number.
  3. Check if the routing (mx control) at the end of the ISP is correct.
  4. Verify the functioning of the destination mail server and the mailbox of the customer (may sometimes become corrupted). Also check possible spam box in case there is an old extra spam filtering still active.

In 99% of cases the above-given procedure helps in identifying the cause and in immediate correction of the failure.