Customers receive a monthly domain -specific security report. At the first arrived email flow in, blocked malware and spam details according to the services that are connected to the client.

After this there are the exact address-specific information. At last there is a list of malware on the quality and the amount.


Total amount of receiving email boxes= the overall number of addresses where email is sent. Total Amount of received emails=the amount of emails received. Total amount of received infected emails=total amount of recognized and therefore rejected emails. Total amount of received junk email= total amount of recognized and therefore rejected emails. Both infected and junk email here means the amount of REJECTED emails, i.e. thy are rejected back to the original senders with an NDR.

E-mail address breakdown , in turn, will show only those addresses that have been emailed also other than rejected traffic . This is done in order to facilitate the readability of the report.

The report addresses

The report displays all the mail messages sent to the customer , even those that have been sent incorrectly typed in , to, or non-existent addresses. Such messages usually do not come at all up to the customer, but the report shows they because they have gone thru the D-Fence. This is regardless of whether that address existing mailbox or not.

Such messages do not affect the billing criteria in any way. All of the customer’s email addresses and their management issues please be kind and contact to the host.