The protecting email services are based on advanced technology and are mutually linked through a unique D-Fence Service Concept. Our experts are continuously monitoring the functioning of the communication network. For clients this means a continuous active work by professionals to safeguard the email traffic. As a result of this proactive monitoring our customer service team is able to immediately pin point the problems and i inform our customers and resolve the problem.

 Service concept in practice:

  • Active client service
  • Close personal service
  • Active ”zero threat” response

Throughout the years that we protected our clients against many email malware; for example, against the consequences of the ”nuclear accident phishing” epidemic of Mikkeli, we provided our clients with protection before the majority of virus defense softwares were even capable of identifying the ZBot.HS Trojan related to the epidemic.

We protected our clients also against the vwmf threat discovered couple of years ago. This occurred more than a week before Microsoft carried out a repair update against the given threat.

These are examples of the benefits, produced by the D-Fence Service Concept. In addition to the commonly understood defense against spam and viruses, the active email defense also involves the continuous and expert work of professionals.

The scope and content of the service concepts are unique, and certainly the key reason to our success. As a result, dozens of resellers and thousands of companies have selected D-Fence Oy as their service provider and partner.