Welcome on board!

Thank you for choosing D-Fence for your protection.

Email communication security service ( eSec ) is now enabled.

D-Fence Email Security is an ISO 9001 QMS certified service that

  • Raise the level of security
  • Enhance the competitiveness of your organization
  • Bring’s total cost savings


D-Fence service management extranet has been opened. Username and password will come from the system in a separate email, please be sure to save the details.

D-Fence extranet allows you to monitor the service settings, and security reports, as well as to manage the permitted / blocked senders list of your ( whitelist / blacklist ) .

”Settings” – you can see your set up..

”The latest threats ,” says the time when we first rejected current virus or malware.

”Incoming email ” section you can see your domain’s email flow.

If you wish to change your services, please contact the Business Services e-mail to info (a) d- fence.feu or phone + 358 9 623 14 18.