1. The customer will give D-Fence the right to automatically scan the structure of their email and its attachments and to block arriving in case of containing viruses or malware, and categorize the messages as spam. Email contents and attachments will be handled totally automatically. However, the confidentiality of the messages will not be endangered. The customer will be responsible for agreeing with their employees about anti-virus and spam filters concerning their private electronic correspondence.

2. Virus protection will not completely remove the possibility that viruses or other malware may get through to the network or workstation via email traffic and other telecommunications. It is also possible that spam filtering will mark desired emails as spam or will let spam pass through despite the spam filter.

3. Virus protection and spam filtering services will only cover the filtering of email arriving from service providers to those clients who have ordered the required services. D-Fence’s trial period is free but some ISP’s may charge a fee when turning the service on.

4. Anti-virus routines can only find viruses in non-encrypted/non-secret messages and their attachments, and only from those compressed attachments which have been compressed with the most commonly known data compression applications.

5. When an anti-virus scan detects a virus in an email or its attachment being delivered to the client, the message will be blocked. Blocked messages will not be forwarded or stored but they will be rejected back to the server that forwarded them and through that the original sender will receive a note that the message has been blocked.

6. D-Fence is not responsible for indirect or direct damage or loss which may occur due to any delays in communication or lost data. D-Fence is also not responsible for indirect or direct damage which may occur if, despite a scan, viruses or other malware manage to get through via email traffic, whether they are already known and/or recognized or unknown. In all cases possible compensation will be limited to one month’s service payment of the customer in question.

7. The service terms are valid for the foreseeable future, with a one-month period of notice preceding any alterations to these terms.

8. The service can be terminated due to the Order confirmation or a) under 12 months customerships with one (1) month termination period and b) over 12 months customerships with six (6) months termination period.

The termination shall always perform in writing entitled ”Notice of Termination” to info (a) d-fence.eu. The termination can be done only either the authorised D-Fence Partner or by the Customer itself. MX records are NOT ALLOWED to change from D-Fence without first notice to D Fence, otherwise there is a risk for email disappearance and potential security problems.

If the MX records, however, are changed against these Terms of Service, D-Fence will not be liable for any customer’s email service and / or security problems.

9. D-Fence Oy has the right to stop the service immediately if it is presupposed by the customer’s payment behavior and/or if the customer’s domain is used for any activity against the Telecommunications Act.

10. D-Fence has the obligation to maintain full confidentiality with regard to all customer enterprise-related data.

11. D-Fence reserves the right to change the service procedures, description, or special terms.