Spam emails cause both direct and possible indirect costs to all companies. Direct costs include different kinds of hidden expenses caused by wasted working time, and indirect costs can include, for example, the costs of possible malware or cyber attacks or, in the worst case, critical information or property obtained by cyber criminals.

The following equation can be applied to the purchase of all goods and services:

Purchase price
+ Operating costs
= Overall costs

Where the purchase price is the purchase or monthly cost of the product/service and the operating costs are the direct/indirect costs caused by the use of said solution, which together form the solution’s overall costs.

Inexpensive or seemingly inexpensive?

If a solution is inexpensive with regard to its purchase price, will it also be inexpensive with regard to its overall costs? In other words, are purchases made based on what seems to be inexpensive or based on actual costs, and how much weight is given to quality? Does the purchased solution improve the company’s overall information security level »?

The service environment can be challenging for companies contemplating purchases. Understanding of the whole can be easily blurred, and an inexpensive purchase price can lead to unwanted results, not to mention overall costs.

In any case, information security solutions should be chosen so that they support the company’s operations as well as improve the overall level of information security and risk management.

What kinds of direct costs can be caused by, for example, wasted working time? Cost calculator »